5 Ways to Make Massage Therapy Affordable

With careful planning, you can find a healthy balance of bodywork that works for your lifestyle and your budget.

1) Limit your focus areas and duration of treatment
Your therapist can assess your tissue and joints. Discuss your goals and your budget with your therapist and collaboratively determine how you might be able to narrow your focus to one or two areas and reduce the duration or frequency of the massage to reduce the out of pocket expense.

2) Book a massage without lotion or linen
Set up and tear down times costs less for the therapist and it may be possible to reduce the rate accordingly providing arrangements are made ahead of time. Massage can often be just as effective without linen or lotion.

3) Do the prescribed home-care and take care of your body
Stretching, and strengthening are just a couple of ways to reduce the frequency of massage therapy while maximizing the benefits of each treatment. Other ways to optimize your soft tissue and joint health include adopting a healthier diet, reducing your stress, quitting smoking, and increasing your fitness levels.

4) Prioritize your healthcare
You get regular oil changes on your car and you don’t expect an insurance reimbursement, right? Whether you value massage therapy for its ability to increase range of motion, decrease pain, manage stress, rehabilitate, or prevent injury, consider the long-term benefits of regular treatments in your budgetary priorities. Insurance reimbursements can be a means to help ease the burden of your budget for massage therapy as opposed to depriving yourself of it when you run out of insurance coverage.

5) Plan your budget and schedule at the beginning of the year
Determine a budget. Find out from your insurance plan what the annual coverage maximum is and how much they will pay per visit. Discuss your budget and goals with your therapist and determine the best course of action. Schedule appointments in advance to book the times that work for you.

Work with your therapist to find creative ways to incorporate massage in to your lifestyle and budget.