More Than “Just a Massage”

If you love massage, we can make it work for you in any condition you are in.

I came across this video about Oncology Massage and this therapist did a great job articulating how I feel about every massage therapy treatment I provide. It doesn’t matter who are, what condition(s) you have, or how much pain you are in. A good Massage Therapist will know how to modify techniques to make them work for you.

I try to listen to your body with your input and provide the best possible treatment that is relevant to what your body needs in that moment. Sure, when indicated, I might suggest a treatment plan, but every treatment plan can change with the idea in mind that the body is ever-changing. No two treatments are the same and there is no be-all-end-all modality or technique that will solve all of your problems.

There are times when I won’t have the answers, and that is when we will work together to find a solution for your pain or discomfort whether that means seeking more information from your physician, trying a new technique or position, or even if it means providing you with a referral to someone who might be able to help you achieve your goal.

Jennifer Bloch, RMT

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