Table massageChair massage
Areas treated:Full body:Head, face, jaw, neck,   shoulders, back, arms, hands, upper chest, breast, abdomen, pelvic girdle,   hips, gluteals, legs, and feet.Primarily upper body:Head, neck, shoulders, back,   arms, hands, face, and upper chest. Lower body can be treated although   table massage is more effective for that.
Benefits:Full relaxation of the entire   body.Can be energizing if that’s the   goal. All muscle groups can be   treated.Quick way to release tension in   your neck, shoulders, forearms, and hands.Convenient for people on the   go.
Clothes:Your choice.You can be fully clothed or   fully disrobed under linens.Fully clothed.
Techniques:Lotion can be used allowing for   long soft strokes and deep kneading.  Full access to muscle groups.   Among other techniques, Trigger   Point Release, lymphatic drainage, fascial release may be used.   Pressure can be deep on any area   being treated.Lotion is not typically used,   but can be used on exposed areas being treated.  Techniques are local to   specific muscles.   Kneading and compressions are   the two techniques used most.  Trigger   point therapy and fascial release can be used.   Pressure is deepest on the back   due to the positioning of the client.
Materials needed:TableLinens Pillows & bolsters Lotion Private location (for   disrobing)ChairLotion (for exposed areas being   treated)
Price& timing:There is more involved in the setup and tear-down of a table massage.    The fee ranges from $110.00+HST to $220.00+HST depending on the length of time you choose.  A minimum of 60 minutes is required.There is less involved in the   setup and tear-down of a chair massage. The fee ranges from $50+HST to $150.00+HST depending on the length of time you choose.  A minimum of 30 minutes is required.